Stay on top of pull requests with Pullwalla.
Your unified pull request manager.

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Available in Light & Dark Mode.


Skip Slack. Go Pullwalla.

No more switching to Slack to post your pull requests. Work more efficiently in a single interface with features designed by developers for developers.

  • Unified view


    View pull requests from all of your GitHub and Bitbucket accounts, organizations, and repositories in a single interface.

  • Noise-free

    Show pull requests only from the organizations and repositories that interest you. Ignore the rest.

  • Organized

    New or recently updated PRs are surfaced on top, and quick filters help you stay on point.

  • In-line markdown

    See full Markdown rendered descriptions right in your PR list. No more opening each PR to see if its right for you.

  • Deep work

    Notifications are disabled by default to facilitate Deep Work. (But you can always turn them on.)

  • Review

    Quickly select a pull request to see it's details, have conversations about it & review it's code.


Quickly find the PRs you are looking for or interested in reviewing thanks to Quick Filters & Characteristics.

Quick Filters
Help you focus on the PRs you are interested in as your mental context changes. Thinking about the status of a PR you created? The Created quick filter is for you. Want to review a PR some request you review? The Review Requests quick filter is there.

Always make the best choice. Quickly identify which pull request you want to review by scanning their characteristics. Approved or Rejected, Merge conflict, Has comments and Diff stats



Go Pro-Walla and gain the ability to review, discuss, and approve pull requests without leaving the app.



Approve pull requests across all your SCM services right from in the app.


Have important discussions around the pull requests with Markdown rendering.


Inspect all the file changes made in the pull requests with a beautiful diffs view.
Open in Browser
Not Pro-Walla yet? We still make it super easy to open the PRs in your default browser.

Go Pro-Walla

Most of Pullwalla's unique features are free to use.

Pro-Walla lets you combine all of your accounts from GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud, and Bitbucket Server into a single view and gives you access to manage your pull requests from inside Pullwalla.

Pro Subscription Options

Subscriptions may be canceled any time from your App Store account.